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Gerard Andreani


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Caro de Floride

We have 35 years of real experience as entrepreneurs in

  • French pastry
  • Event Photography
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Internet Marketing

Our company, Creative Virtual Results Inc, is primarily a consulting company for small business owners and online entrepreneurs. Why working with small business owners or entrepreneurs? Because we have direct access to the decision maker and results come alive much faster...

Why this name for a company? As Creative persons, we use Virtual tools and strategies to get Results.


We offer your company support in the creation and implementation of viable strategies and their implementation, using high-tech digital solutions.

We offer our customers and their teams training in marketing tools and strategies to increase their productivity.

(See the case studies below.)

  • We analyze the situation
  • We design a strategy
  • We implement the strategy for success


We offer your company support in the creation and implementation of viable strategies and their implementation, using high-tech digital solutions.

As if you were at the doctor, you let us diagnose the situation and we take care of all the work until you can enjoy the results.

(Of course, you will have access to updates throughout the process.)

We respect the commercial charter "trust, respect and transparency".

And if we could not help you, we would explain it to you.



Business owners and online entrepreneurs who share

the same values: Communication and relationship first!

"Carole has brought a new dynamic to my web communication. Thanks to her speed of understanding, her powerful tools and her excellence in the field of marketing, I was able to consider new ways of communicating and new opportunities appeared to me. Carole allowed me at first to transform my website to make it more accessible by organizing and targeting existing information, and in a second time to quickly realize projects that are close to my heart. Thank you!

Delphine Adnet, Naturopath

"A BIG thank you to Carole and Gerard for the care and incredible help they gave me! I had the chance to meet them when I made the decision to start using social media and the web to develop a business. I had no previous experience in the subject, a vague idea of ​​how everything worked but nothing more. In just a few Zoom conferences their expertise guided me and allowed me to more accurately determine:

- Objectives I should focus on

- The strategy to reach them and even

- Tools and technical advice to achieve them

This may represent several months of digging, waste of time and misunderstanding (annoying enough for a beginner.) So thank you once again for saving me all this and paved the way! "

Joseph Schachter, Jeune Entrepreneur

"In May 2018 I was setting up a website to sell digital training products in the world of the pool. I did not know anything about web marketing, and the startup was very difficult because when you start on the web, many questions crossed your mind. In talking with Gerard and Caro, they gave me, without hesitation, a free introductory session to talk about my entire business.

They have a way of speaking and adapting during a conversation that is incredible, and the best part of all this is that what they say is TRUE! There are not useless and sterile words. It's concrete and verifiable. We see very well that they have gone a long way in web marketing and are very good advisers.

Their state of mind is a jewel and they know how to communicate it with the right words at the right time. They both have the art of communication.

Thanks to them, I developed a huge network in France.

Without Caro and Gerard, this network would not be what it is today.

So if I could say something about them, it's THANKS for supporting me in the moments when I needed them most. You have allowed me to accomplish beautiful things. They are people who can be trusted. They like to help, it is their fuel and I am very happy today to write these lines to thank them and put them forward because they deserve it!

Patrice Guida, Internet Marketer


A software engineer who had created a software lost all his rights because of a bad "partnership". We analyzed the situation and proposed to put in place a "rescue" plan.

Results: After the execution of this plan, he recovered 100% of the rights on his software!

A law firm was in a state of decline, with no real prospect of recovery. We analyzed the situation, designed a strategy with a reorganization of positions and people employed.

Results : Within a few weeks, the firm's situation became positive again.

A young entrepreneur who wanted to succeed online lacked a basic foundation in business. We gave him a few hours of advice for young entrepreneurs.

Results: Within six months, he was able to replace his full-time job with an online business that he enjoys. Today, he's an entrepreneur who is achieving his goals.

A Food Truck company was going through a long period of financial difficulty and was on the brink of bankruptcy. We analyzed the situation, found the main reasons for this situation, designed a strategy to change the "target audience" and implemented a specific digital system.

Results: An increase of 10 times its average income in 6 weeks!

A Jazz composer and teacher needed her piano lessons to be organized. After a few hours of consulting to understand the situation, we chose the exact digital tools adapted to her private lessons and we trained her to use them.

Results: She now uses a modern digital organization system that allows her to devote herself fully to her activity as a piano teacher.

A holistic doctor struggled for months with his online presence. We found the right tools and systems for him to take care of his community.

Results: Now, his practice is well represented with a digital system that has freed his mind, so he can better focus on his community.